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41,419286 N    -    19,714161 E

     more than one million people every year, traveling worlwide, now have the possibility to choose among unique products from our DUTY FREE SHOP in the new rinas terminal, at transit area of "mother tereza" airport, Rinas. it is hard to resist the perfect combination quality – price, offered only in our shop.


     our exclusive categories of products:

  • perfume & cosmetic 

  • alcoholic drinks

  • accessories,

  • tobacco products,

  • choco and sweets,

  • confections.

     from more that two years "albanian duty free distribution" has been trading albanian products. this company policy, in collaboration with albanian producers, wishes to brand albanian products around the word. our company feels ready now to launch a full range of products, based on their experience and good name earned in the market.


     the new rinas terminal changed the face of albania, bringing the country a further step close to europe. "albanian duty free distribution” keeps the same rhythm, operated by a contepomporary management team and a service philosophy which aims to offer high quality product to the final consumer.


     the main advantage of "albanian duty free distribution" is a combination of the long experience in retail and branded quality products, with an admirable customer service toward all clients, backed by a very experienced staff in sales and maintenance. this enabled "albanian duty free distribution" to face consumers needs in the best possible way. "albanian duty free distribution" (ADFD) is a perfect and indivisible link worldwide retail experience. by the other side the supply chain management is combined with a long local experience of ADFD, leading to a collaboration that gives tirana international airport (TIA) a real comparative advantage in the future business development of retail in a very fast and challenging environment.


why you should visit us?


     a new standard of service, international brands of high quality and above all very competitive prices, made DUTY FREE SHOP, an unavoidable destination before your fly. don’t miss any opportunity to visit our shop. you should be sure that our prices are cheaper than in every another airport of the word.


let’s take an imaginative tour in our shop:


     as an integral part of shop - in - shop concept, "albanian duty free distribution" ltd for DUTY FREE SHOP operation in TIA, offers in separate and optimized compartments: perfumes, cosmetics, liqueur, chocolates and tobacco. in the retail area, “where time is money”, the perfect exhibitions are able to redirect the consumer in a lot of sale departments, with more than 5'600 product from more than 120 trade mark producers, offering to the clients an unique range of international brands.


     furniture, maintenance and service, assistance and consult make our shop very unique:


     furniture. "albanian duty free distribution" offers almost all product range that are today available in albanian and international market.


     maintenance and service. "albanian duty free distribution" support all its clients with assistance from its specialised personnel that is able in every moment to identify and sole every technical problem or to fulfil any request of its clients.


     assistance and consult. this is the innovation of "albanian duty free distribution" created to fulfil 100% to consumers needs. our advantage in this regard is quality.


our services!


     our services are categorized:  


     placement. the concept of sale “as - is” never existed in "albanian duty free distribution" philosophy. products that are traded at "albanian duty free distribution" have always been accompanied with their integration in existing infrastructure of our clients.


     service after sale. selling ready made products, "albanian duty free distribution" include as an integrate part the after sale service that implies not only guaranty service but any other kind of support for sold goods. in this point of view, this service is not limited only to our clients. this service, apart of serving to company revenues has an important role in marketing, attracting pleased consumers from this service.


     maintenance systems. derived from what mentioned above, those kinds of services have became already e very spread products offered in the market from "albanian duty free distribution". based in its human resources capacity, the company has not only developed its maintenance system but offers in the same time personalized maintenance services for potential clients in accordance with their needs.


     consult. long presence in the market has enabled "albanian duty free distribution" to develop the “performance” sector, based on long experience with service and products during the years.


our goals and vision!


     main goal of "albanian duty free distribution" has been and will be the finding of solutions for its clients. our company gives a wide range of products and different lines, offering assistance and consult for using different products, especially cosmetic ones.


     our vision is clear and is totally sustained in our real possibilities, being closer do clients needs and performing in record speed, having in mind that "albanian duty free distribution" has fast clients, including all passengers that are leaving albania.


     the target of "albanian duty free distribution" is to generate more revenues from service sector. as result, our clients might pay less for the same product and have better quality, enabling them to consume more products. this will lead to company revenue growth.


     today "albanian duty free distribution" ldt has two main objectives; firstly to raise sales in accordance with the expanding demand in the market and secondly, to increase sales and profit margin by extending the number of products and stocks.


about "albania duty free distribution" ltd!


     "albanian duty free distribution" is a duty free shops operator, operating since 1999 in the only international airport of albania, “mother teresa”, in rinas, close to the city of tirana, the capital of the country. the focus of "albania duty free distribution" activity, is as specific as special and important. 


     “albanian duty free distribution” ltd. is a registered legal company, with a court decision no. 17819, dated 02.10.1997 and residential office in 1403 "aba business centre", 31 “papa gjon pali II” str., 1000 tirana, albania,.


     membership of albanian chambers of commerce and industry and membership of american chamber of commerce in albania.